Bringing 'Alira' to life with First Ridge Wines

First Ridge Wines logo


Concept Art, Digital Artwork, Setout, Digital Compositing


High Resolution Digital Painting, Bi-Fold Swing Tags


Q3 2019

Alira Prosecco Swing Tag branding for First Ridge Wines Mudgee
Alira Prosecco Swing Tag branding
Alira Prosecco Swing Tag

Italian varietals with an Australian flavour.

Located on rolling ridges at an elevation of 580 meters the First Ridge Wines overlooks the beautiful Cudgegong River valley just 10 kilometres from the beautiful town of Mudgee. The company has been producing premium wine grapes for some of the best wineries in the country for eighteen years and are now dedicated to producing the best Italian varietals under the First Ridge label.

'Alira' Prosecco is the latest varietal release to join the First Ridge wines collection. Named in honour of the granddaughter of vineyard owners John and Helen, Alira, which means freedom and beautiful, is young, fresh and vibrant, just like it’s namesake.

First Ridge approached our team to produce a detailed illustration to highlight the fun nature of the beverage which could be utilised on a swing tag and other branding material. Seeing that First Ridge walks a fine line between its attachment to Italy and its Italian varietals and Australia where the wine is made, it was important that both connections were embraced without the Italian connection being too dominant.

The swing tag illustration drew inspiration from wine labels and advertisement posters of the early 1900s such as Kinet Lillet/Campari. From this we produced a range of preliminary concepts outlining options for the basic composition and colouring. The final piece reflects the fun, lively and bubbly nature of 'Alira' Prosecco while maintaining a subtle nod to its Australian roots.

Timelapse of the Painting Process

Early Concepts

Final Artwork

Early concept of Alira Prosecco Swing Tag
Early concept of Alira Prosecco Swing Tag
Early concept of Alira Prosecco Swing Tag
Alira Prosecco Swing Tag