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Mid-Western Regional Council engaged Hi Tech Creative to build and develop an interactive website for Flavours of Mudgee. The project was delivered on time, within budget and ensured excellent consultation along the way.

The Hi Tech website development team were incredibly responsive to updates and continue to provide a high level of on-going technical support.

Maddison Brown
Mid-Western Regional Council


When I started my first business, Mudgee Explorer Tours, I knew I would need a really strong brand, to give me the best chance of success. The creative team at Hi Tech Creative were instrumental in creating that for me. After meeting with me to understand my needs, they designed my logo, business cards, flyers, vehicle livery and website. All the elements of my branding carry the same message... fun and adventure. Everyone who sees my branding comments about how vibrant and impactful it is. Everyone notices us around town, and that’s exactly what I want!

When I started my second business, Mudgee Explorer Lodge, a couple of years later, I went back to Hi Tech again, and had them design the cards, flyers and website for that. Again, I was very happy with the results. As the two businesses grew, I went back to Hi Tech Creative to design some additional signage, and to refresh and upgrade my web presence.

I am really comfortable dealing with the creative team at Hi Tech Creative, because they work together with me until I’m really happy with the results. I am always amazed and delighted with the design ideas they come back with, and the ease of communication is what keeps me coming back.

Bronny Parry
Mudgee Explorer Tours


Hi Tech Creative have always provided Club Mudgee with prompt and professional service in the gaming and Webpage facets of our business. The creative team are up to date with the latest trends and are always on hand to offer advice with concepts to maximise our Webpage impact. Having the creative team local and just a phone call away gives us peace of mind that any job big or small is done quickly and with minimal disruption to our business.

Ang Fittler
Club Mudgee


Hi Tech Creative have been fantastic – from their collaborative and creative approach to our website designs to all the IT work needed to get our company up and running. The support is excellent and the team is always available when we need them.

Georgie King
Bowdens Silver - Lue