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How Facebook can improve your Google ranking

By Hi Tech Support | January 31, 2020

At Hi Tech Creative, we try to help our clients reach a high standard with their website and SEO ranking. Having your business’s website rank highly on Google is always a significant focus for generating increased income. Our team has studied the trends and factors that effect your Google ranking and have put together a … Read more

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DIY vs professionally made websites

By Hi Tech Support | January 31, 2020

With quick and simple do-it-yourself websites like WIX and Squarespace becoming increasingly popular these days, it’s no surprise that many businesses and individuals new to the online world are opting for these options to promote themselves. After all, they offer fast set up, payment plans and drop and drag page builders with backends that are … Read more

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Is cheap hosting actually worth it?

By Hi Tech Support | January 30, 2020

Searching for the right hosting for your website can be a drag especially with companies offering hosting for seemingly all too good to be true prices that don’t always cover everything needed. It can be hard to know if a hosting plan is right for you as not all hosting packages are created equally so … Read more