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Website Design & Development, Product Photography and Graphic Design


Mobile Responsive eCommerce Website, Promotional Flyer and Studio Product Photography


Q2 2018

Line up of Guneemooroo Estate wines

Boutique wines that stand out from the crowd.

Established in 1983, Guneemooroo Estate is a sprawling 100-acre property nestled in the rolling hills of the beautiful Grattai Valley 650 meters above Mudgee. The estate produces a range of wine from their dry-land vineyard as well as high quality extra virgin olive oil from their grove of Italian and Spanish olive trees. The creative team was approached by Guneemooroo in early 2018 to develop an online presence for the Guneemooroo brand, enabling the online sales of their products as well as being a platform to promote their range of accommodation in both Mudgee and France.

The design brief was to create a unique and modern branding with a website layout to reflect this.

We deviated away from the standard top navigation bar layout and opted for a more innovative floating sidebar layout, and included branding elements throughout the website when suitable. The features included an Estate Stories blog for any new updates on the latest activities on the estate and products in addition to a social media integration via a custom embedded Facebook feed.

for Mobile

We don't just match our client's branding, we also make sure our websites are always practical. This website and many others like it are designed to be easily viewable on devices such as desktops, iPads, and most smart phones.

Guneemooroo Estate website on desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone devices

Wine Bottle Photography

Oil Product Photography

Guneemooroo Estate wines
Guneemooroo Estate 2018 Chardonnay
Guneemooroo Estate olive oil products

Photography and Flyer

During the construction of the Guneemooroo website, product photography was needed to complete the eCommerce store. Our team photographed selected products such as various wines and oils, and then integrated this photography into the design of the website.

Later down the track this product photography was combined with a similar vibrant style as the website to create flyers for the company. This repetition of colour palette and patterns allows the branding of the company to be consistent and carried across different kinds of media.

Guneemooroo Estate 2015 'Red Dog' Rosé Flyer
Guneemooroo Estate 2015 Shiraz Flyer