The Inside Shop Rebranding

The Inside Shop logo inverted


Concept Art, Logo Design, Storefront Design


Logo Design, Concept Art, Business Cards and Gift Certificate


Q4 2018

Concept art of the previous Inside Shop shopfront Concept art of The Inside Shop shopfront

A fresh face for a local favourite.

The Inside Shop is a local home and giftware store in Mudgee that came to the creative team to rebrand their company. The design brief was to update their previous branding to a modern, elegant and feminine style. During the design process, the logo was made to work as a silhouette before colouring was added to allow for it to be flexible in most applications on different materials such as storefronts to embroidery.

The logo was designed with a feminine, elegant nature shown through the font and the intricate detail of foliage within the logo.

Once the form of the logo was perfected, colour was applied according to the client's desire for a modern palette. A combination of the fonts Didot (Regular) and Gill Sans (Semi Bold) and a light grey-blue colour were used to aid in creating a elegant and feminine aesthetic. This rebranding project was completed within 4 weeks and delivered a new brand with a logo, storefront concept, business cards and later on gift certificates.

Project Requirements

Photo Manipulation
A concept to show how the new brand would look on the storefront.

This rebranding project was completed within 4 weeks. 

Creating a new brand that matched the client's desired aesthetic.

Logo Design
Updating their old logo to a modern and elegant logo with foliage.

Working with a local business and interpreting their goals and ideas.

Print Media
Designing and printing premium business cards and gift certificates. 

Gift Certificate Design

New Inside Shop Logo

The Inside Shop Gift Certificate
The Inside Shop logo