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Q4 2019

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Representing Mudgee's wine industry.

With a viticultural history that stretches back to 1858, Mudgee has played a key role in Australian viticultural history. The Mudgee Wine Association is a community of wine industry leaders working together to advance the heritage, reputation and future of the Mudgee appellation.

This project was a major collaboration with the Mudgee Wine Grape Growers Association and it's members to create a website that would refresh the association's previous website and promote the rich winemaking history of the Mudgee region.

One of the priorities of the new website was to include a number of features that could help promote members and winemakers. Our team tackled this by designing an easily navigable list of wineries/cellar doors and associate members as well as an interactive map that would allow visitors to locate and navigate to wineries via Google Maps.

for Mobile

We don't just match our client's branding, we also make sure our websites are always practical. This website and many others like it are designed to be easily viewable on devices such as desktops, iPads, and most smart phones.

Mudgee Wine desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone devices
Screenshot of Mudgee Wine website layout

Project Requirements

This project required flexible time frames. 

Winery Listing
Large list of information needed to be made visually digestible.

Creating a website that matched the client's desired aesthetic.

An interactive map to show winery locations

Working with a large association to communicate their desired goals.

Mobile Compatible
A website that would work smoothly across multiple device types