Complete Weld Australia


Website and Graphic Design


Mobile Compatible Website, Logos and Business Cards


Q1 2019

Complete Weld Australia is a family owned and operated metal fabrication business that caters to clients throughout the Mid-Western Region. Mudgee locals Loretta, Robert and their son Tudor purchased the business in November 2018 from the original owners who built the business from their workshop on their family property near Mudgee.

The design brief for this client was to design the rebranding of the company, including a logo for the ute trays and mudflaps, the logo for the company and a new website to advertise their services.

The first project was to create a masculine logo with grunt for the ute trays and mud-flaps that the business offers to their customers. Our creative team designed the RAZOR Trays logo to reflect the grunt attitude of what the client was requested.

After the completion of the RAZOR Trays, our team redesigned the Complete Weld logo to a modern and clean aesthetic as the business was rebranding themselves as Complete Weld Australia. Once all logo design was complete, a mobile compatible website was created with the company’s branding and imagery.

RAZOR Trays logo guidelines