CT Partners


Web Design, Custom Web Development, Website Hosting, PHP


Website Design, Member Listing System, Intranet System



CT Partners is the largest and most influential independently owned travel buying network in Australia and comprises 30 of the largest independent corporate travel management firms and premium leisure agencies.

Hi Tech Creative was approached to develop a website with both a custom backend and frontend that would add value to their members experience in the CT Partners network. The first phase stared with a new website design and branding with a frontend that included a custom built listing system for their members. The HiTech Creative team created a custom UI inside Wordpress which allows CT Partners staff to login and manage their members. The website will then automatically take this data and produce a webpage for the members to promote their business.

Phase two of the project was a custom built, cloud-based intranet for the internal management and access of documents and information. Our development team produced a custom web-based intranet for listing contact and managing documents. Other features were also included such as an events calendar and chat room.