EnviroMedical Solutions Pty Ltd


Logo Design


Logo, Branding Guidlines


Q3 2017

EnviroMedical Solutions Pty Ltd is a private Australian company that specialised in researching the medical solutions of marijuana for the pharmaceutical and research industry. The company also had a large investment in growing methods and technology that were into water efficient methods.

This project resulted in a clean and professional logo with branding guidelines that incorporate a multitude of concepts. A clean and legible font was used to highlight the professionalism of the business and custom shading and detail applied to the leaves of the logo to create a 3D aspect.

Within the logo, the shape of the of the leaves form as a water drop to represent water efficient methods that the company practises. The colour scheme of blue and green were used to represent water and the colour of the plant being researched.

EnviroMedical Solutions Pty Ltd logo in the design stage