Judy's Chocolat


Graphic Design


Logo Design, Branding, Packaging and Label Design


Q2 2017

From traditional style chocolates to confectionery with Judy’s artisan twist, Judy’s Chocolat showcases the amazing talent that business owner Judy Hall has brought to the Mudgee Region. The handmade chocolate business is located at the Cobb & Co Boutique Hotel in Mudgee.

The design brief for this project was thoroughly enjoyed by the creative team whose task was to design an elegant logo that would suit the market of deluxe and handmade chocolates. The final look of the Judy Chocolat logo consisted of a side-on view of a cherub with wings holding a cacao bean in their hands, standing out as a more recognisable logo.

The new logo fit the brief spectacularly and made for a very happy client. It should also be mentioned that the success of the logo design also led to Hi Tech Creative designing every single custom chocolate label for the company thereafter.

Judy Chocolat Label Design