Mudgee Explorer Tours


Website and Graphic Design


Mobile Compatible Website, Logo and Business Cards


Q2 2019

Mudgee Explorer Tours is a winery touring company with tours ranging from half day, full day and premium. Mudgee Explorer Tours offers group accommodation for 12 – 14 people with six bedrooms, three bathrooms, two kitchens, two lounge-rooms, a dining room, bar area, and two outdoor entertaining areas.

The challenge for this design brief was to design and develop an entirely new website melded from it’s original two separate websites for the businesses Mudgee Explorer Tours and Mudgee Explorer Lodge. While the website was to be based off the previous websites and the text content used for them, it would still need to incorporate a modern aesthetic to appeal to customers.

Using a bespoke design inspired by the previous websites, we created a new website featuring the combination of the original text and image content in a visually appealing manner. This also featured mobile compatibility and our integrated Facebook Flow service and the ability for the client to independently update text and/or image content on the website.

Mudgee Explorer Tours website on desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone devices