Mudgee Service & Repair Centre


Website Design, Logo Design, Branding


Mobile Compatible Website, Logo and Business Cards


Q4 2019

Mudgee Service and Repair Centre is a mechanic service with over 25 years of experience that has been catering to clients with private, fleet and 4WD cars in the Mudgee region. Their services includes but is not limited to; log book servicing, general servicing repairs, pink and blue slips, third party insurance, safety inspections and much more.

The design brief for Mudgee Service & Repair Centre was to design a logo that suited the client’s vision in addition to the design and printing of MSRC business cards and a simple website that carried on their brand and imagery.

We designed and developed a mobile compatible website with easy editing functionalities that allow the MSRC’s staff to edit all information on existing website pages and/or create new pages. A Facebook Flow service was also integrated on the website to maximise the occurrence of content being updated on the website. This service aims to help maintain or increase the SEO ranking of the website through the regular updating of text content.

Mudgee Service & Repair Centre website on desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone devices