O'Ryan Geospatial


Graphic Design and Web Design


Logo, Branding Guidelines, Mobile Responsive Website


Q1 2016

O’Ryan Geospatial is a Mudgee based company established in 2017 that supplies unique surveying solutions to the Cadastral, Mining, and Engineering industries. For the design brief, the client wanted a number of concepts to put into the one logo. Seeing that O’Ryan Geospatial is a surveying company, they wanted to capture Orion’s Belt and a gyroscope within the logo.

We captured that design by representing the ‘O’ with the Orion’s Belt running through it and then had an orbiting ring representing the gyroscope. There was a lot of design work done in the custom shading of the logo to give the appearance of a 3D effect. The ‘O’ in O’Ryan was designed to be usable as both a standalone logo and to also work as a wordmark which fully incorporated into the name.

Once the branding process was completed, O’Ryan Geospatial requested the help of our creative team once again to help build their online presence by designing and developing a website for the company.

The website was designed as a Content Management Site website which allows the client to independently edit text and image content on existing pages and even create new ones. The website’s colour palette and structure was inspired by the company’s branding and the design of the logo.