Royston Petrie Seeds


Wordpress Development, Design, PHP, Javascript


Mobile Compatible Website


Q1 2019

Royston Petrie Seeds Pty Ltd is a family-owned wholesale supplier of seeds to nurseries, commercial growers, revegetation companies, plantations, landscaping companies, wholesalers, market gardeners, primary producers and home gardeners in Australia and overseas.

The design brief for this client was to create a website that would expand the business’s online presence with an online store that would allow the business to sell their produce. The end result was a fully mobile compatible website with an eCommerce store showcasing entire lists of their produce. The functionality of the eCommerce system was made to be used by the staff to independently update sales information, text and images with ease.

The website also included the integration of our Facebook Flow service, a plugin that allows posts from the client’s Facebook page to be carried over to the website. This service also helps with maintaining or potentially improving the SEO ranking of the website as one of the requirements to achieving a good ranking is to regularly update content. This service ticks this box provided that the client regularly posts on their Facebook page.

Royston Petrie Seeds website on a laptop sitting on a bench