Smokin Hot N Saucy


Website Design, Logo Design, Branding


Mobile Compatible Website, Logo, Branding Guidelines


Q3 2016

Originating from Mudgee, Smokin Hot ‘N Saucy is a family owned and operated business that brings together Texas and Australian style BBQ operating from a food truck at their permanent location in Newcastle, NSW. Smokin Hot ‘N Saucy’s food ranges from smoked meat to many Texan and Australian side dishes that both compliment a great piece of meat.

Our creative team was tasked with the challenge of bringing a face to the business by design a brand that was reflective of the Texan and Australian aspects of the business. The design brief also included the design and development of a website for this business.

The end result was the Smokin Hot ‘N Saucy brand with branding guidelines and a fully mobile compatible website with a flexible layout to suit most devices such as desktops, tablets and smart phones.

Smokin Hot 'N Saucy logo guidelines