This page displays our current pricing infomation related to our design, online and subscription services. The items on this page reflect our most popular services but does not consitute a full list. Please contact us if you require a quotation for services which are not found on this page.

Managed Domain Registration & Hosting

Extension Price (Yearly) Price (Monthly)$66$5.50

Prices are inc GST. All domains are fully managed by HiTech Creative. Service fee is included. (See "What is a managed service" and "How are managed services different")

Domain Services

Service Price
Change of Ownership Registrant (COR)$150
Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate$50.00 (1 Year)
Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate$120.00 (1 Year)
Domain TransferPOA

All of our domain and website hosting services are 'managed services'. This means that our team handles the management associated with your domain or hosting as part of your fee. For website hosting this includes backups and software updates on both your hosting environment and website. For domains this includes SSL Certification and domain record changes. Our team is available to assist via phone or email to provide changes to settings related to your web hosting environment or domain. You will speak to our team first hand and all of our staff are located in NSW, Australia.

It is important to consider when comparing pricing that the vast majority of hosting services that you come across online are NOT managed services. This is the case with nearly all of the 'big name' hosting providers. This means that you will need to be proficient in website administration and web hosting including managing DNS records, domain records, backups, website software and plugin updates etc.

For the large majority of our clients, they want someone to look after the 'technical' side of website management for them. Our pricing includes this service. Keep this in mind when making comparisons to other website hosting plans which may look more affordable on face value but lack the requisite support and management that most users require.

For pricing on domain extensions which are not listed here please contact us for a quote. All domains are fully managed.

OVA Website Platform Logo

Website Subscription Plans

OVA is a feature rich subscription-based website builder platform built on WordPress and managed by Hi Tech Creative. It's a pre-packed setup of all the most critical things that you need to have a functional easy to use and feature rich personal or business website. We will build your website for you and you will have access to make your own changes via the drop and drag page builder. Oh, and the maintenance? Don't worry about that, we have that covered too. All OVA sites come complete with fully managed backups solutions, domain registration and class leading Australian-based hosting.

WordPress is an open-source content management system. It is the starting point for the majority of websites worldwide. As standard wordpress alone doesn't provide enough functionality for most users or businesses. Functionally such as online shopping, contact forms, drop and drag page builders, popups, SEO tools can all be added though plugins. Likewise the appearance of the website can be modified via 'themes' to create a suitable website 'look'.

As you can imagine, all of these extra plugins and themes add additional cost in the way of licensing fees. With OVA we have already done all the heavy lifting for you. We have organised licensing for plugins, themes and setup hosting with advanced security, backups and domains. We will even build the website for you (Care & Builder Plans).

We often hear from customers who have seen prices of WordPress hosting online and wonder why its so much cheaper. This is because what you are getting is just a blank, unmanaged WordPress install with no support, extra functionality or themes. When you take into consideration what you actually need VS what you get. OVA represents far superior value for money as we are able to purchase bulk licensing and hosting which, with the economies of scale reduces the overall cost for you.

Sounds complicated, im still confused...

Think of it like real-estate. OVA is a bit like buying a house and land package. We provide:

  • The land (Hosting)
  • The address (Domain)
  • Build the house (Website)
  • Decorate it (Theme & Templates)
  • Add the appliances (Plugins)
  • Add the security system (SSL/Security)
  • Insure it (Backups)
  • Look after maintenance (Updates)
  • Tell the world about it (SEO)

When you compare this with most other WordPress hosting packages, what you are getting in most of those cases is either just a blank bush block or maybe slab. It's up to you to build and manage the rest. Aside from the great deal of additional time this takes, the cost to match the first scenario is in most case considerably more.

Unfortunately OVA cannot be transferred to another host or hosted elsewhere as it is a bespoke WordPress configuration but you can export your OVA website as a WordPress .xml file and import this into your own hosting environment. Keep in mind that if you did this that you would need to find replacements for or cover the cost of the the licensing for all the plugins, cover your own maintenance, backups, software updates, SEO and website updates.

No, OVA is a bespoke configuration of plugins that Hi Tech Creative curates and manages, this means that all users share the same functionality/plugins. We have chosen plugins of high quality that cover the vast majority of use cases based on our research and experience over many years. This enables us to take advantage of maintenance efficiencies and bulk licensing deals which is how we are able to make OVA a more cost effective than equivalent standalone websites.

If you would like the ability to add your own plugins you can elect for our 'Standalone Hosting' option which provides the ability to add additional plugins to the website.

Plan Storage Backups Updates Construction Domain SEO Changes SSL Price /mo
Care Plan1GB
5 Hours
Builder Plan1GB

If you require the ability to install third-party plugins to your OVA setup we offer the ability to host your OVA website on a standalone hosting environment for an additional $37.50 per month ($450 per year).

Standalone Web Hosting | Already have a website?

Standalone hosting plans are for those who already have an existing website. If you are looking to transfer your website from another website hosting provider, a website transfer fee applies. This includes the time for our team to upgrade your website security and plugins before transferring it to our servers. The cost for this is variable and available on request. Our team will need to asset your website before transfer to provide an accurate quotation for the transfer fee. If you are not sure what kind of website you have or what hosting plan you require please contact us.

Storage Bandwidth Support Updates Backups Free Inclusions Price (Yearly)
2GB StaticUnlimitedYes: Phone/Email, Managed Service
DNS Hosting, SSL Certificate$350
5GB CMSUnlimitedYes: Phone/Email, Managed Service
DNS Hosting, SSL Certificate$450
10GB CMSUnlimitedYes: Phone/Email, Managed Service
DNS Hosting, SSL Certificate$550
15GB CMSUnlimitedYes: Phone/Email, Managed Service
DNS Hosting, SSL Certificate$650
20GB CMSUnlimitedYes: Phone/Email, Managed Service
DNS Hosting, SSL Certificate$750

We are often shown pricing, especially from some of the 'big name' hosting providers that provide WordPress hosting and asked why they are so much cheaper. The quick answer is that it's unlikely you are comparing comparative products even-though they sound similar. Generally those packages are structured to be as cheap as possible so and aren't practical unless you are very experienced with website hosting. In many case they have a lower price as they are simply a blank WordPress install and do not include:

  • Support / Local Support
  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • SSL Certificates
  • Australian Hosting
  • Backups
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

For most people these are all requisite inclusions for a website and the add-on price for these necessary inclusions is generally quite high. They also take advantage of introductory discounts which look cheap at first but are actually only valid if you sign up for long contracts and the discount generally only applies for the first few months.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these websites are often styled and branded to look Australian while the company, support and infrastructure is from Asia or the Middle East where hosting is cheaper (and slower).

Using a real-estate analogy; At HiTech our hosting is a finished house, ready to move into with a security system. With cheaper hosting you are getting a frame, in another country with no windows, doors, driveway, garden or locks. This is not necessarily a problem if you are happy for everything to be DIY but you can start to see how for most people, what looks cheap at first actually comes at a significant price. In almost all cases the equivalent service is much more expensive that our pricing.

If you have a 'Wordpress' website then you will need CMS hosting. Static websites are for older HTML only website and are much less common these days. The vast majority of customers have CMS hosting. CMS hosting is more expensive because of the greater cost of upkeep compared to a Static website. CMS websites require more storage, more regular backups and software updates that static websites don't need.

No. 'Wordpress Updates' means that Hi Tech Creative will monitor your WordPress core software as well as the plugins that make up your website and keep them up to date as new version come out. This is critical for maintaining security of your website online. Keep in mind that the vast majority of hosting providers do not include this service. Failing to keep your website software up to date is the main reason website are 'hacked'.

If you require us to make changes to your website content (text/images/functionality) then we have a web development team who are available to do this for you. See our design services pricing for more information.

Design Subscriptions

Service Description Price p/m Price p/y
Facebook Flow
Display your Facebook Feed on your website. Your website feed will automaticly update. Includes software updates and uptime monitoring from Hi Tech Creative$30$360
Instagram FlowDisplay your Instagram Feed on your website. Your website feed will automaticly update. Includes software updates and uptime monitoring from Hi Tech Creative$30$360
Instant WebInstant Web subscription provides unlimited website text and image changes per month by our team.$85$1020
Instant DesignInstant Design includes everything in the Instant Web subscription plus graphic design changes to the website such as icons, banners or graphics.$215$2580

Design Services

Service Details Price
Ad Hoc/Hourly Design Services Rate

Hourly rate for all design services such as website design & development, graphic design, corporate document design/set-out, concept art and vehicle livery. Charged in 15 minute blocks.

$150 p/h
Custom Branding/Logo Design

Design alternative logo concepts based on client brief. Three form and colour based revisions of favored concept.

Delivery items include:
• Design-ready file formats of logo (.pdf & .eps)
• Screen-ready file formats of logo (.jpg & .png)
• 2 alternative layouts, if applicable (i.e: horizontal & vertical)
• Any unique font licenses and font files that may be used to complete the project.
• All in one .pdf of logo files including unique colour codes and basic usage instructions.
• Logo guideline document
• All files will be provided via digital download or USB drive.

Mailchimp Setup

Setup of mailchimp account, import of mailing list from spreadsheet (client provided) Setup of newsletter template based on your brand's colours and logo. (Does not include training for Mailchimp platform)

Google Analytics

Setup of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) account and implementation of tracking on your website so that you may review and learn from detailed analytical data of your website's traffic. (Does not include training on the Google Analytics Platform)

Google Ads (PPC) Management

Utilise the power of Google Ads Pay Per Click service to boost your website traffic. You decide on a daily expenditure limit and our team will provide monthly management of your Google Ads to improve website traffic and lead generation within your specified budget.

A fee for the design of a specialised landing or lead generation page for targeted ad campaigns may apply. Care plan customers may elect to nominate a portion of their 5 hour design credit to put towards this service.

$300 Per Month or 15% of monthly ad spend (whichever is more)