How Facebook can improve your Google ranking

At Hi Tech Creative, we try to help our clients reach a high standard with their website and SEO ranking. Having your business's website rank highly on Google is always a significant focus for generating increased income. Our team has studied the trends and factors that effect your Google ranking and have put together a service that specifically targets one of the most powerful ranking factors on search engines like Google. We have been testing this for nearly 5 years with excellent reliability and fantastic increases in Google ranking for our customers and the results are clear. In fact, our clients find this service so successful that 97% of customers who sign up continue to use it today!

Update your website and Facebook in one go!

Facebook Flow is a service that takes your Facebook updates and automatically posts them to your website, saving you time in updating both your facebook and your website manually. Other data that can also be carried over to your website are things like photos, albums and even videos. Our team can configure your website to display this information in various ways to ensure that the text and images are integrated into your website seamlessly. The Facebook Flow service adapts to your website’s theme, colour palette, fonts and it has flexible layouts for mobile, iPad and desktop devices for easy viewing.

Facebook Flow

How does it work?

One of the major factors in improving your SEO ranking on search engines such as Google is regularly updating your website’s text content. Facebook Flow helps to tick this box by applying your recent posts to your website automatically which is then seen by Google as a text update. This means you only need to post on facebook and then your website will be updated as well. The increase in updates to your website also has the knock on effect of improving your website's SEO ranking.

Want to know more?

For more information you can contact our creative team at our Mudgee office on (02) 6372 7580 or contact us online.

Alternatively you can sign up now and our team will be in touch to setup this service on your website.

Facebook Flow

$ 250 / year
  • Free Setup and Configuration
  • Free Gallery & Newsfeed
  • Hashtag Filtering
  • 1 Year Support
  • Ongoing Uptime Monitoring
  • Cancel Anytime With No Fees