Lifeskills Plus


Graphic Design, Logo Design, Web Design, Branding


Logo Design, Stationary, Pop-up Banner, Website


Q1 2018

Established in 1991 by volunteers, Lifeskills Plus is a not for profit organisation that provides a diverse range of services that support people with disabilities and their families in the Mid-West. The design brief for this client was to create a brand for the company, in addition to designing and developing a website that could be easily editable by staff members.

What was delivered to the client at the end of this project was a logo that aligned with the client’s desired aspirations. The new branding was applied across stationary, pop up banners and eventually a fully mobile compatible website. The website was designed to be easily navigated and open, with the integration of our Facebook Flow service which helps with maintaining and improving the SEO ranking of the website.

Lifeskills Plus website on desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone devices