Town Square Motel Orange


Website Design


Mobile Compatible Website


Q3 2018

The Town Square Motel is an accommodation that is run under the same owner as the Metropolitan Hotel in Orange and was designed to match the client’s branding and to link with the Metropolitan Hotel’s website.

There was quite a lot of content to this site as it was a challenge to layout bulk content that would be visually digestible for a large amount of content. Example pages like the Restaurant page and the What’s On page are a good example of how a large quantity of content has been designed and set out effectively and quite well.

At the end of the project, a fully functioning and mobile compatible website was delivered. An integrated social media service called Facebook Flow was included on the website which is used as a way to regularly update text content on a website, something that actually helps to maintain and even improve the website’s SEO ranking.

Town Square Motel website on desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone devices